Welcome to our brand new blog!

At Stockholm’s, the only thing we love more than great beer and great food is great beer and great food TOGETHER. Sure, most people think of wine when they think of pairing, but why should wine have all the fun? In fact, beer just may be more food friendly than wine. While winemakers have only one ingredient to work with, brewers have a vast arsenal to experiment with, including barley, yeast, different types of hops, spices, fruits, the list goes on and on. The depth and breadth of flavors that can be achieved work to complement all types of fare, from spicy buffalo wings to a delicate seafood dish.

Curious about pairing your favorite beers with food? Each month we host a beer pairing dinner. Four complementary courses each expertly paired with one of our craft beers to create the ultimate dining experience. And consider this the maiden voyage of our Beer Pairing 101 series. Fun and educational snippets of insight on how to break this art of beer pairing down to a science. We might even have a contest to get you in on the action on our social media pages, so stay tuned. And in the meantime, Skoal!