Beer Festival Season is upon us! We rounded up a few of these noteworthy events around the world…and none of them take place in Germany!

Belgian Beer Weekend: Generally held in Brussels during the first weekend of September, breweries big and small come together to celebrate their suds. Enjoy beers of every kind while taking in the gorgeous Gothic architecture of La Grande Place, central square of Belgium’s capital city. 

Slunce ve Skle: This annual festival usually takes place the third weekend of September in Pilsen (Plzen), a picturesque city about 50 miles west of Prague in the Czech Republic. The name of the event translates to “sun in a glass”. Attendees can expect to only find microbreweries pouring here (no big guys allowed!) as the focus is more on artistry and quality rather than quantity.

Oktoberfest of Blumenau: Second only to Munich’s, this epic Brazilian celebration lasts over two weeks in October. Imagine all the kitsch and energy of Carnaval meets beer, lederhosen, and knockwurst. Blumenau is a city built by a handful of German immigrants in the mid-1800s. And though you’re merely miles from Sao Paolo, the architecture and spirit of the town is German through and through.