The holidays have come and gone and now we’re in the throes of Resolution Season; and for roughly 55% of people who make resolutions, that means working toward better health and fitness in 2020. People everywhere are getting gym memberships and rethinking their diets for the New Year. And as you reluctantly cut out glazed donuts and pass on the fettucine alfredo, take heart: the beers you enjoy need not be on the chopping block! Research has shown there to be a slew of health benefits in a glass of our favorite frosty beverage. Of course, all this research cites moderate beer consumption, which is roughly one 12 ounce glass per day for women and two 12 ounce glasses per day for men.
Everyone has heard of antioxidants, but do you know what they do? They’re scrappy little substances that can protect your cells from the havoc that free radicals can wreak on your system, which can lead to heart disease, cancer, and more. Thanks to the malts and hops, beer has a unique antioxidant profile which is twice that of white wine. Hello Pale Ale, sayonara free radicals!
Beer can also strengthen your bones, believe it or not. According to US News & World Report, the dietary silicon present in beer boasts many benefits, including the prevention of aging of hair, skin, and nails, the prevention of atherosclerosis, and promoting stronger bones. In fact, moderate beer drinkers were 36% less likely to have osteoporosis.
In addition, beer contains more protein and B vitamins than wine, as well as important nutrients like fiber, phosphorus, niacin, and folate. Studies have also shown moderate beer consumption to help in lowering cholesterol, as well as lowering the risk of diabetes and hypertension. The hops in beer may also help fight inflammation in the body.
And not all beer is created equally. Since Stockholm’s craft brews are unfiltered, they contain more of the B vitamins, minerals, and protein than their filtered counterparts. A healthy new year and a healthy new you? I’ll drink (beer) to that! Skoal!