As Michael made his way through the latest Beverage Master publication, an article caught his eye. The article turned out to be more of an advert for a particular provider of beer filtration systems and how carefully selecting the proper filtration method can make or break the end result. But it was only the opening paragraph that piqued his interest. The author very basically stated that correct process + time + gravity = great beer. But he went on to say, “When a brewer speeds up that process, corners get cut, and compensation has to occur. Proper filtration methods are one way to do this…” 

Invariably in these modern times, patience is not so much a virtue as it is a relic of the past. Time is just another obstacle to overcome using technology and creativity. This is definitely true in the beer world, where getting from wort to mug quickly and efficiently is paramount. Filtration is sometimes utilized by breweries in order to “cut corners” as it were. 

At Stockholm’s, we’re fast approaching 19 years of craft brewing in the Old World Tradition. Our beers are made in small batches right in our front window; naturally conditioned and unfiltered in order to produce the kind of beer you’d find in a German hofbrau around 1900. Choosing not to filter our beers helps us achieve a broader flavor profile, as filtering by its very nature removes subtle flavors and nuances. After all, the Old World process + time + gravity = Stockholm’s Handcrafted Beer.