As all great and wonderful things usually are, beer was, for all intents and purposes, a purely serendipitous discovery. According to, the process of brewing beer dates back to 10,000 B.C.E. when agriculture first developed in the Mesopotamian River Valley. Some scholars contend that beer was discovered accidentally when grains intended for bread-making fermented, producing a sour (and intoxicating) beverage. It quickly became a staple in their society. In fact, poems, myths, and paintings were made to celebrate it. They depict people and gods drinking beer through a straw, a new invention at that time, which worked to filter out the chunks of bread and herbs that were ever-present in the beer brewed at that time.

At Stockholm’s, while we brew our beer in an Old World tradition, we’re talking more 19th century. And while our beers are unfiltered, there is certainly no straw required to enjoy our full balanced flavor. We offer fourteen handcrafted beers, rotating seasonals, a barrel brew, a Small Batch Root Beer, and a hard root beer all year long. Can’t decide what to try? Have a voyage – five 4 ounce samples of your choosing. You’re bound to find a new favorite. Skoal!