It’s 2021! A new year, a new start, and for many that means a change in habits. Maybe you’ve resolved to watch less TV, meditate more, or get more steps in daily. While we’re rooting for you, we can’t really help you with those. BUT we may be able to help with all food related resolutions. If you haven’t noticed, our menu runs the gamut – there’s not much that we don’t offer at Stockholm’s. And modification is the name of the game! Additions, subtractions, substitutions, you name it. If eating less meat is on your radar, we offer several delicious meatless options. Any of our salads can be made meatless, we have a Veggie Wrap, a Portabella Mushroom Sandwich, Vegetable Primavera, and the Beyond Burger®. Planning to cut out gluten? Dozens of menu items are marked with either GF or GFA, meaning Gluten Free or Gluten Free Available. 

If you’re participating in Dry January, we’ve come up with a few fun Mocktails crafted with our specialty syrups. All the taste and zero alcohol! And for those of you still imbibing yet wanting to watch your calorie consumption, we have Loki’s Pils on draft, a light yet fully balanced Pilsner. 

Whatever your 2021 is shaping up to be, we hope to be a part of it. Cheers to an amazing year!