Grill & Chill: A Guide to Summer Beer Pairing

​Here we are smack dab in the middle of summer 2020. While so much makes this different from summers in the past, a few important things remain the same. Enjoying the sunshine, enjoying time with family and friends (from a safe distance), and enjoying good food. And nothing says summer quite like firing up the grill!

At Stockholm’s, we are passionate about good food; and we think the perfect accompaniment to a delicious meal is a great beer. No matter what is on your grill this weekend, we have a craft beer that will pair perfectly.

Burgers and Third Street Ale: The rich malt flavor of this Belgian style brown ale complements this savory backyard classic.

Sausage and Doc’s Porter: The creamy, lightly sweet notes of oats and coffee contrast nicely with the unctuous and salty flavors of the sausage. 

Shrimp Skewers and Aegir’s Ale: This English Pale Ale’s faint floral notes and gentle bitter finish will not overpower the delicate flavors of the shrimp.

Chicken Drumsticks and Viking Red Ale: No matter the marinade you use on the chicken, the creamy sweet malt and gentle hop finish of this amber ale will be a tasty pairing. 

Grilled Romaine Salad and State Street Pilsner: Grilling romaine lettuce turns it into something different entirely, tender on the inside, hot and crisp on the outside. Dress it simply with lemon and olive oil and serve this easy drinking German style Pilsner along with it for a light yet flavorful summer meal.

Salmon and Older But Weisser: Salmon is a rare type of seafood that can stand up to a wide range of flavors, bold like barbeque to delicate like citrus. The coriander notes and refreshing mouthfeel of this Belgian White Wit beer is a great contrast to the richness and fattiness of this fish. 

All 14 of our handcrafted brews are available to go in one-liter growlers. And thanks to our Brewery Direct Pricing, the value can’t be beat! Pick up a beer or two for this weekend’s backyard BBQ. Join us on Facebook or Instagram and share a photo of your pairing. Skoal!